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Aliens: The Final Answer? A UFO Cosmology for the 21st Century

By: Barclay, David

Price: $3.00  $2.40

Publisher: Blandford: 1995

Seller ID: 1506407

Condition: Very Good

Lightly rubbed. 1995 Trade Paperback. 192 pp. Black & white photographs. This cosmology for the next millenium challenges all the existing 'facts' and ideas relating to human origins, evolution and our place on the planet. [The author] postulates as to what dinosaurs really were and what was their fate, what we really are, the place and role of religion in all these matters -- and much, much more. View more info

UFOs: The Final Answer? UFOlogy for the 21st Century -- Toward an Explanation of Flying Saucers, Ufology, and Alien Abduction

By: Barclay, David & Therese Marie (Editors)

Price: $3.00  $2.40

Publisher: Blandford: 1993

Seller ID: 1506396

Condition: Good

Light crease down front cover, sticker remnant on back cover. 1993 Trade Paperback. 192 pp. Ufology is a neologism coined to describe the collective efforts of those who study unidentified flying object reports and associated evidence. While Ufology does not represent an academic research program, UFOs have been subject to various investigations over the years, varying widely in scope and scientific rigor. Governments or independent academics in the United States, Canada... View more info

Image for Sky Creatures: Living UFOs

Sky Creatures: Living UFOs

By: Constable, Trevor James

Price: $15.00  $12.00

Publisher: Pocket Books: 1978

Seller ID: 2287326

ISBN: 0671818422

Condition: Good

Spine creased and wrappers creased. 1978 Mass Market Paperback. 252 pp. The newly revised and re-edited edition of the underground classic THE COSMIC PULSE OF LIFE including recent findings never before in print. With actual photographs. Provides the most concise and complete look at the groundbreaking work of the late military historian James Trevor Constable, whose intriguing theories sparked the widespread 21st-century fascination with intelligent energies (what some ... View more info

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Secret Mars: The Alien Connection

By: Craig, M.J.

Price: $20.00  $16.00

Publisher: 2013

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 2287686

ISBN: 0992605318

Condition: Near Fine

First edition - a paperback original. Top corner of front wrapper faintly creased. 2013 Trade Paperback. 293 pp. Why has NASA not announced to the world, the greatest scientific discovery ever made in the history of space exploration? Do you want to know what has REALLY been discovered by the Orbiter and Rover cameras on the planet Mars? While scientists spend billions of dollars confirming that microbes live in the Martian soil, people sitting at home on their computers... View more info

Image for The Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence of Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago

The Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence of Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago

By: Temple, Robert

Price: $7.00  $5.60

Publisher: Destiny Books: 1998

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 2283912

ISBN: 089281750X

Condition: Near Fine

First edition - a paperback original. A nice copy. 1998 Trade Paperback. viii, 440 pp. The book presents the hypothesis that the Dogon people of Mali, in west Africa, preserve a tradition of contact with intelligent extraterrestrial beings from the Sirius star system.[1] These beings, who are hypothesized to have taught the arts of civilization to humans, are claimed in the book to have originated the systems of the Pharaohs of Egypt, the mythology of Greek civilization,... View more info