Men at War (Double Size Books G 1006)

By: Hemingway, Ernest

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Binding fragile. 1952 Mass Market Paperback. We have more books available by this author!. From the pages of the world's great literature Hemingway has chosen the finest accounts of the great battles of history: Waterloo, Austerlitz, Hastings, Thermopylae, Shiloh, and many others. CONTENTS: Introduction by Ernest Hemingway; WAR IS PART OF THE INTERCOURSE OF THE HUMAN RACE: The Battle of Hastings, 1066 A.D. by Charles Oman; Invaders by Richard Hillary; Who Called You Here? by Eric Jens Petersen; The French Crusdae, 1249-1250 A.D. by Jean De Joinville; WAR IS THE PROVINCE OF DANGER, AND THEREFORE COURAGE ABOVE ALL THINGS IS THE FIRST QUALITY OF A WARRIOR: Shiloh, Bloody Shiloh! by Lloyd Lewis; Horatius at the Bridge by Livy; The Fight on the Hilltop by Ernest Hemingway; At All Costs by Richard Aldington; The Pass of Thermopylae 430 B.C. by Charlotte Yonge; Dguelo by Marquis James; WAR IS THE PROVINCE OF PHYSICAL EXERTION AND SUFFERING: Harper's Ferry by Leonard Ehlrich; Blowing Up a Train by T.E. Lawrence; The Odyssey of Three Slavs by Alden Brooks; WAR IS THE PROVINCE OF UNCERTAINTY: Custer by Frederick F. Van De Water; An Egg for the Major by C.S. Forester; Tank Fighting in Libya by Alan Moorehead; WAR IS THE PROVINCE OF CHANCE: Air Battle by Charles Nordhoff and James Normal Hall; The Stolen Railroad Train by Marquis James; The Corvette Claymore by Victor Hugo; Turn About by William Faulkner; WAR IS THE PROVINCE OF FRICTION: The Star in Their Couses by Col. John W. Thomason, Jr.; Waterloo by Victor Hugo; The Retreat from Caporetto by Ernest Hemingway; WAR DEMANDS RESOLUTION, FIRMNESS, AND STUANCHNESS: Her Privates We by Private 19022; Orskany: 1777 by Walter D. Edmonds; The Cavalry Charge at Omdurman by Winston Churchill; The Sun of Austerlitz by General Marbot; The Battle of Ypres by Frank Richards; WAR IS FOUGHT BY HUMAN BEINGS: Hands Across the Sea by Alexander Woollcott; 'Up Periscope' by An Officer of H.M. Submarine Sturgeon; The War Years by James Hilton; Falling Through Space by Richard Hillary; Squadron Scramble! by Byron Kennerly; The Taking of Lungtungpen by Rudyard Kipling; Three Men on a Raft by Harold F. Dixon; A Man's Bound to Fight by Colonel John W. Thomason, Jr.; A Name and a Flag by Colonel John W. Thomason, Jr.

Title: Men at War (Double Size Books G 1006)

Author: Hemingway, Ernest

Categories: Military,

Publisher: New York, Avon Books: 1952

Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Book Condition: Good

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