Treasury of Philosophy

By: Runes, Dagobert D.

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Lacks jacket. A bit musty, 2 inch split on rear joint, corners a bit rubbed. 1955 Hard Cover. xxiv, 1270 pp. 8vo. CONTENTS: Abailard, Peter (1079-1142) On Sin; Abravanel, Isaac (1437-1508) The Interrupted Work; Abravanel, Judah (c. 1460-1530) Knowledge, Love and Desire; Acosta, Uriel (1590-1647) The Human Soul; Adams, John (1735-1826) On Self-Delusion; Adler, Alfred (1870-1937) The Style of Life; Adler, Felix (1851-1933) Immortality; Albertus Magnus (1193-1280) Analogy Between God and Man; Albo Joseph (c. 1380-1445) Laughter; Alcott, Amos Bronson (1799-1888) Table Talk; Alcuin, Flaccus Albinus (c. 735-804) Dialogue on the Virtues; Alden, Joseph (1807-1885) Conceptions of the Infinite; Alexander, Samuel (1859-1938) Philosophy and Theology; Al-Farabi (c.870-950) On Concepts; Alghazzali, Abu Hamid Mohammed Ibn Ghazzali (1059-1111) The Nature of Man; Al-Kindi (died 873 A.D.) On the Subject of Intellect; Allen, Ethan (1738-1789) The Exercise of Reason; Al-Mukammas, David Ibn Merwan (died c. 937) The Three Grades of Science; Anaxgoras (c. 500-428 B.C.) Fragments; Anaximander (610-c. 547 B.C.) Fragments; Anaximenes (c. 585-525 B.C.) Fragments; Anselm of Canterbury, Saint (1033-1109_ No Greater Being; Antisthenes (c. 445, 365 B.C.) Apophtegms; Aquinas, Thomas (1225-1274) Whether the Intelligible Species Are Derived by the Soul from Certain Separate Forms?; Arcesilaus (c. 315-240 B.C.) Assent and Suspension; Ardigo, Roberto (1828-1920) Truth and Reason' Aristipus (c. 435-366 B.C.) Pleasure and Pain; Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) The Process of Change; Aurelius Augustinus (Saint Augustine) (354-430) What We Are to Believe; Aurelius, Marcus Antoninus (121-180) Vanitas; Aurobindo, Sri (1872-1950) The Indian Conception of Life; Author of the Imitation of Chrust, an Unknown Carthusian Monk The Thoughts of Death; Avenarius, Richard (1843-1896) The Two Axioms of Empirio-Criticism; Avenpace (Ibn Badjdja) (End of 11th Century 1138) On Human Perfection; Averroes (Ibn Roshd) (1126-1198) On Metaphisics; Avicenna (979-1037) Mental Essence; Axelrod, Pavel Borrissovich (1850-1928) A Marxist's Idealism; Baader, Francis Xavier von (1765-1841) God and the World; Baal Shem-Tov (1700-1760) The End-All of Knowledge; Bacon, Francis (1561-1626) Idols Which Beset Man's Mind; Bacon, Roger (. 1214-1294) Ont he Importance of Experience; Bahya Ibn Pakuda (c. 1050) Admonitions of the Soul Bakunin,Michael (1814-1876) Science and Life; Barth, Karl (1886-) Faith As Knowledge; Beecher, Henry Ward (1813-1887) Some Observations; Benda, Julien (1867-) Humanitarianism; Bentham, Jeremy (1748-1832) The Four Sources of Pleasure and Pain; Berachyah (c. 12th or 13th Century) The Compendium; Berdyaev, Nicholas (1874-1948) On Socialism; Bergson, Henri (1859-1941) Anima and Human Consciousness; Berkeley, George (1685-1753) Objects of Human Knowledge; Bernard of Clairvaux, Saint (1091-1153) Some Exclamations; Boehme, jacob (1575-1624) God Is All; Boethius (475-524) Every man Has His Cross; Bolzano, Bernard (1781-1848) On Correct Thinking; Bonaventura, Saint (1221-1274) On Francis of Assisi; Boole, George (1815-1864) The Place of Mathematics in the System of Human Knowledge; Bosanquet, Bernard (1848-1923) On the State; Boutroux, Emile (1845-1921) All Beings Tend Toward God; Bowne, Borden Parker (1847-1910) The Moral Life; Bradley, Francis Herbert (1846-1924) The Absolute; Brandeis, Louis Dembitz (1856-1941) Law and Democracy; Brentano, Franz (1838-1917) The Three Classes of Psychic Phenomena; Bridgman, P.W. (1882-) Scientist and Social Responsibility; Bruno, Giordano (1548-1600) A Philosophy of the Infinite Universe; Brunschwicg, Leon (1869-1944) On God; Buber, Martin (1878) God and the Soul; Buddha, Gautama (c. 563-483 B.C.) Some Teachings; Burckhardt, Jakob (1818-1897) On War; Burke, Edmund (1729-1797) On Public Discontents; Burroughs, John (1837-1921) Contradictions in Life; Butler, Samuel (1835-1902) Notes; Calkins, Marcy Whiton (1863-...

Title: Treasury of Philosophy

Author: Runes, Dagobert D.

Categories: Philosophy,

Publisher: New York, Philosophical Library: 1955

Binding: Hard Cover

Book Condition: Good

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