A History of Public Health in New York City, 1625-1866

By: Duffy, John

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First edition. Corners slightly bruised, jacket lightly rubbed. 1968 Hard Cover. xix, [1], 619, [1] pp. 8vo. Traces the development of the sanitary and health problems of New York City from earliest Dutch times to the culmination of a nineteenth-century reform movement that produced the Metropolitan Health Act of 1866, the forerunner of the present New York City Department of Health. Professor Duffy shows the city's transition from a clean and healthy colonial settlement to an epidemic-ridden community in the eighteenth century, as the city outgrew its health and sanitation facilities. He describes the slow growth of a demand for adequate health laws in the mid-nineteenth century, leading to the establishment of the first permanent health agency in 1866. Contents: Preface by George James, M.D.; Introduction; FROM FRONTIER POST TO SETTLED COMMUNITY: A Sweet and Wholesome Climate; The Transition Years, 1664-1720; The Comfortable Town of New York, 1720-1776; Revolution and Reconstruction; FROM TOWN TO CITY, 1792-1825: Yellow Fever, the Number One Pubilc Health Problem; The Beginnings of Organized Public Health; The First Board of Health; Street Sanitation and Nuisances: The Losing Battle; Control of the Physical Environment; Medicine and Hospitals; Health and Social Welfare; THE CITY OVERWHELMED: The Administration of Public Health; The Office of City Inspector; The Health Office: Chief Quarantine Agency; The Lucrative Business of Not Cleaning the Streets; Noisome Substances and Public Nuisances; The Advent of Sanitary Engineering: Croton Water and the Sewerage System; Sewerage and Drainage; Food and Market Regulations; Epidemic and Endemic Diseases; Medicine and the Medical Profession; The Rise of the Hospital; Immigrants, Tenements, and General Mortality; The Fight for Reform; APPENDICES: Mortality Statistics of New York City, 1804-1865; Infant Mortality, New York City, 1804-1865; Negro Mortality, New York City, 1821-1865; Mortality of the Foreign-Born Population, New York City, 1835-1865; Mortality of the Irish and German Foreign-Born Population, New York City, 1835-1865; Deaths from Specified Causes, Average Annual, New York City, 1804-1865; Deaths from Consumption of Negro and Foreign-Born Population, New York City, 1821-1865; Consumption Death Rate per 1,000 for Native White, Negro, and Foreign-Born Population, New York City, 1821-1865; Deaths from Asiatic Cholera by Nativity Status, New York City, 1832-1854; Bibliography; Index.