Our Amazing Birds: The Little-Known Facts About Their Private Lives

By: Lemmon, Robert S.; Eckelberry, Don R.

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No jacket, boards and pages toned and foxed. 1952 Hard Cover. 239 pp. With 102 paintings in black-and-white by Don R. Eckelberry. CONTENTS: Ruby-Throated Hummingbird; Great Auk; American Bittern; Eastern Bluebird; Black-Footed Albatross; Crow; Willow Ptarmigan; Slate-Colored Junco; Dipper; House Wren; Bob-White; The Egrets; White-Throated Sparrow; Cedar Waxing; Myrtle Warbler; Belted Kingfisher; Ground Dove; Red-Winged Blackbird; California Quail; Snowy Owl; Catbird; Bobolink; Franklin's Gull; Baltimore Oriole; Petrels; Indigo Bunting; Common Tern; Screech Owl; American Flamingo; Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher; Barred Owl; Chimney Swift; The Phalaropes; Trumpeter Swan; Carolina Parakeet; Pine Grosbeak; Snow Bunting; Pileated Woodpecker; Scarlet Tanager; Cardinal; Hooded Merganser; Evening Grosbeak; Wood Duck; Cowbird; Yellow-Breasted Chat; Black-Capped Chickadee; Rose-Breasted Grosbeak; Great Blue Heron; Sparrow Hawk; Gannet; Brown Creeper; Tree Swallow; Whooping Crane; Long-Billed Marsh Wren; Black Skimmer; Robin; Herring Gull; Shrikes; Fox Sparrow; Elf Owl; Whip-Poor-Will; Ruffed Grouse; Red Crossbill; Yellow-Shafted Flicker; Barn Swallow; Roseate Spoonbill; Louisiana Water-Thrush; Man-o'-War Bird; Ruby-Crowned Kinglet; Bald Eagle; American Goldfinch; Ravens; Canada Jay; Road-Runner; Pelicans; Burrowing Owl; Wood Thrush; Horned Lark; Winter Wren; Black-Poll Warbler; Barn Owl; Song Sparrow; Prairie Chicken; Pied-Billed Grebe; Mockingbird; Purple Martin; Blue Jay; Canada Goose; Golden Plover; White-Breasted Nuthatch; Peregrine; Nighthawk; Ovenbird; Water-Turkey; Osprey; Ringed-Necked Pheasant; Common Sapsucker; Tree Sparrow; Passenger Pigeon; Puffin; Blackburnian Warbler; Downy Woodpecker; Index.

Title: Our Amazing Birds: The Little-Known Facts About Their Private Lives

Author: Lemmon, Robert S.; Eckelberry, Don R.

Illustrator: Eckelberry, Don R.

Categories: Birds & Birding,

Publisher: The American Garden Guild and Doubleday & Company, Inc.: 1952

Binding: Hard Cover

Book Condition: Good

Jacket Condition: No Jacket

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