Book Buying Policies

Until further notice, all book intake is by appointment only. Sorry, no exceptions. Please contact us by e-mail or phone to make arrangements to visit the shop or, for large collections, to arrange a house call. If you can provide a few representative images of the collection beforehand, this will help us gauge our interest.

Below is a general overview of the regulations and terms associated with this process.
We will try to update this page to keep everything current.
If you have any questions feel free to call or email us.
Book Buying:
We buy a wide range of material, but our focus is on antiquarian, collectible, and unusual items. Generally we offer store credit for common fiction, children's books, and other material mainly of interest as reading material rather than for any sort of collector value.

Consignment: We take more valuable items (i.e. $100 or more) on 50/50 consignment.
Highly desirable collectibles may qualify for better consignment terms -- inquire if you believe you have something that meets this criterion.

Cash/Credit Terms: There is no formula for calculating how much your books are worth,
as there are a number of variables we take into account, including (but not limited to):
  • condition
  • availability (both to us and to customers)
  • current number in stock
  • popularity/demand
We reserve the right to only offer store credit, or to refuse purchase of books we do not currently need, regardless of past purchases.

Book Trade-Ins: Books bought in our store are automatically eligible for trade-in for store credit, provided the following guidelines are met:


  • Book still meets our quality standards for condition
  • Book does not contain underlining, highlighting, or stains
  • Receipt from original purchase is presented


What We Do Not Accept for Cash or Trade:

Reader's Digest Condensed
National Geographic
Old Magazines, Newspapers, or Other Periodicals
Out-of-Date Textbooks
Incomplete Books (pages/illustrations/pieces missing)
Water-stained, moldy, smoky, or otherwise severely damaged items
Romance novels